Bonjour, bienvenue a la Nouvelle Orleans. If you ever walked down a 290 year old cobble stone street at night in the french quarter past flickering gas laterns and soft jazz trumpet music filling the air or watched a beautiful sunset at bayou manchac and lake ponchartrain, then you will understand why the preservation of our heritage and culture are so important in Southeast Louisiana. I'm the president and founder of Southeast Louisiana Languages.  I've studied languages for over 20 years, and I have translated languages for the Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff's Office, New Orleans Museum of Art,  New Orleans Fairmont Hotel, Iberia Bank, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office etc. We have a rich culture in New Orleans, and languages are an important part of it. Simply click on Spanish, French, Italian or German in the blue box above the bayou sunset picture, and each course is thoroughly explained.  We charge only $25 an hour for a private tutoring session.  Our competitors charge $40 an hour. This makes us a great value also.  Merci beaucoup cher et laissez les bon temps rouler en La Nouvelle Orleans. Je adore la Louisiane
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